Medjugorje Amor Dei

Let’s now resume our project “WELCOME TO LIFE – AMOR DEI MEDICAL CENTER”, after the years of the terrible conflict that has devastated the Balkans, and the bloody war that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We start again after the many difficulties that have characterized for a long time the troubled post-war period of this country. Let’s start with our Project of Health and Life, trusting in the help of the VIRGIN MARY, who wanted to give this land the grace of her apparitions.

It is with this stimulus, the opposite to the triumphal march of the prevailing and corrupted system, that we give life to concrete projects that represent the exact opposite of what we are forced to live, starting from Medjugorje and its territory extended to the Balkans until to reach also poor areas of Africa.

We call all those who share these principles and attitudes to join us freely, because the spaces of freedom and good are guaranteed to all, and every decision is widely shared.


Historical notes about the city of Tomislavgrad

      Ave Maria

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